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What do we work on?

We bring together investors and projects looking for financing/capital.

Banking disintermediation is an irreversible fact and Alhambra Partners has a privileged position within this process to guide in this new journey investors who search for products which are not correlated to traditional investment and companies which look for diversification of their source of financing.

The department of Financing and Alternative Investment was born with the purpose of creating an institutional business area in the fixed income and variable income markets. It is our motivation to bring together qualified investors and viable projects which need funds and create the tools and bridges to make that investment directly reach the project but complying with all regulations and control requisites that are necessary to meet all investor’s criteria for choosing an investment.

Every investor is unique, and so is every project

That is our philosophy and what makes us different. Profitability depends on risk, it is not possible to have one without the other. Every relationship between investor and project must have this duality balanced.

Thanks to the differentiation of our collaboration agreements in the fields of banking and managing, alternative source of financing, family offices, financial advisers and similar options, we can serve a company throughout its lifetime.

This is the first step in every project and one of the most important, as this matter is going to be there for a long time.

The search for partners must involve a professional team that, apart from meeting the economic needs, must help the company in production, commerce, expansion or in any other possible way according to the characteristics of the project.

If the search for capital is not intended for a first launch, but for companies currently operating that have a need for growth, advice must focus in the preparation of documentation for flotations, for companies listed in Spain and outside Spain. Moreover, partner selection must not only be based on its money contribution.

When the company is already in a third stage, fully established and listed, future Capital Increase aimed for expansion will progressively lose its value as companion and will become mere financial operations. This is why investor profiles differ significantly from previous stages. Alhambra, thanks to its capillarity among investors, is qualified to attract different investor profiles.

Our department of Investment Banking has broad experience both in capital structures and industrial strategies and business tactics.

Renting is a lease agreement of movable and immovable goods, for a normal duration of over a year, whose main characteristic consists in agreeing on a monthly, quarterly or annual fixed payment for the whole duration of the contract.

Its main advantages are:

  • Off-balance sheet assets.
  • Possibility of deduction of 100% of the quota.
  • Unification of goods and services.

We offer the following modalities:

  • Technology Renting :
    Rental of technological assets that the company may require (E.g Computer equipment, servers...).
  • Industrial Renting:
    Rental of necessary industrial machinery for company production (E.g Photovoltaic cells, windmills...)
  • Rent – Back:
    Repurchasing assets in the balance sheet for leasing, with the possibility of adding the necessary improvements.

Discounting of promissory notes and advance billing, so you do not have to wait to get paid for the work done. If your operational expenses take place today, so should your income.

With or without appeal, you choose. Our ability to deal with different options makes risk adjust to price.

Our working method consists in studying your clients portfolio and look for the most advantageous solution, always respecting your feedback and your experience with your clients and your real interests. From just an advance payment where you do not observe risk of default and consequently you are not willing to pay for covering it, to a request that you will only fulfil if someone apart from advancing the payment, eliminates the credit risk of your client: The only thing you will have to do is fulfil the request, and that you do it better than no one.

Our team of analysts will study your company to find the most viable format for the achievement of financing. An operation will be different according to its amount or to its maturity date:

  • Loan or bond. Loans have less fixed expenses and allow investors to increase the compliance obligations, but liquidity is very reduced. In contrast, bonds give more opportunities to negotiate, but are not convenient if a minimum operational volume is not reached.
  • Convertible, depreciable, bullet...each investor and project is different, the most important is that both parties are aware of the positive and less positive features to avoid surprises.
  • Maturity. From 3 months for promissory notes to 30 years for Project Finance, we will find for sure the proper maturity.
  • Listed or not listed, public or private issue, are general requisites that the investors will come up with.
  • Obtaining a rating is a variable that we have to keep in mind too. It could firstly be seen as an expense, but the money it saves in the interest rate pays off, if the rating is the appropriate one.
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